Mr. Baguma Augustine

Chairperson, Kikaada LC1, 39 years old

The Hope Centre Foundation has really helped us. Our people had been getting water from Kibyaama, almost 7 kilometers from here. Children had been drinking dirty water containing alcohol residue. The pond had also become a water source for cows. We held a meeting to talk to the owners of the cows, especially when many children started getting sick. I will now let people know that we have been helped to recover our water source and we should protect it. Thank you, Hope Centre Foundation.

Mr. Birungi Stephen

43 years old

We are so happy with this great support for our school (Kikaada primary school) by the Hope Centre Foundation. A few months ago at the district head teacher’s quarterly meeting, Ms. Nabusaayi told me about the scarcity of water at her school and that the rate of absenteeism had increased because many pupils were falling sick due to the dirty water they were drinking. We didn't work upon it due to some constraints, but i want to thank Hope Centre Foundation for the work well done.

Ahaisibwe Geofrey

Executive Director

Whatever we do, we do for generations. Because every work we do, is for the sustained well-being of children, women, people with disability and the most vulnerable communities by working with families, communities, and partners to ensure sustainability.

Apecho Angellah

Head Operations and Programmes

Working with people and for people from different backgrounds has given me the courage to always wake up in the morining to create that change someone needs. This has come true while wrking with HOCEFO.