Who We Are

We are a group of mind like youth who advocate for bodily autonomy and human rights. We also advocate for racial justice, youth leadership, activism and political representation, HIV/AIDS, Gender based violance, sexual edducation and period poverty/menstruation stigma.

Our Vision

A community where movements for gender justice, human rights and child protection have transformed power priviledge into equity and equality.

Our Mission

To carry out basic fundamental expansive gender justice and human rights movements to create meaningful change that will last for generations.

Our Core Values

Innovation, Professionalism, Teamwork, Efficiency, Sustainability, Transparency and Accountability.

Our Impact

Human Rights.

Atleast 28,270 people have benefitted from our human rights protection action whereby we have stood up and advocated for equal human rights, inclusion of people with disabilities and an end to child labour.

Family Planning

4,845 women have been mobilised and have received training about family planning during our out reach programmes with mercy clinic.

Latest Release

Youth Day Celebrations Message

Young people are on the frontlines of the struggle to build a better future for all. You can never push ahead in life except if you have faith in your capacities. You can never get anything from God in the evnt that you dont show any drive.To all our fellow youth around the world, Happy International Youth Day!

Teenage Pregnancy

Basing on the Teenage Pregnancy Assessment Survey (TPAS 2021) carried out by Hope Centre Foundation, we conducted a one hour radio talk to addressed the challanges teenages were going through as a result of pregnancies for instance, torture, neglect, some were abandoned and even some were raped.This was meant to engage the community to address the common barriers to a holistic environment.

Community Sensitization Programme

Our team today held a two hour awareness and sensitization radio programme to inform the public about the increasing need to protect the girl child, restrain from all posible causes of domestic violance, the increasing cases in teenage pregancies and forced marriages plus seeking expert guidance on family plaaning. The team asked the public to take precaution about the wide spread of the COVID-19 and above all, the team asked all community members regardless of gender and ethnity to be ambassadors of peace.

Children FDG

Bugambe tea estate is located in Bugambe sub county in Kikuube district. Most families in Bugambe work in bugambe tea estate to attain a living.We conducted a children focus group discussion and we came to know that child labor in bugambe is at 80% with atleast 60% of them facing other humane acts like torture.


Our Hardowrking Team

Ahaisibwe Geofrey Mwaka


Auma Lilian


Apecho Angellah

Nakato Mary

Nampijja Josephine

Alinaitwe Maria

Natukunda Barbra

Atuhuura Marrion

Mukisa Patrick

Nyafwono Joan

What People say

Agaba Joan

Member, Hope For Action

Our society has got a number of cultural norms and practices that to me are backward and rendered useless and humane. I joined the Hope For Action so as to drive the positve change towards and end in humane acts like forced marriages, domestic violance, Menstration stigma and sexual education from the many.

Mr. Birungi Stephen

Local leader

In my area of jurisdiction, many families were in wrangles of domestice violence, however, when the Hope For Action youth came to our area, at first we thought what can the youth communicate that can bring about change?.But luckily enough, their one day community dialogue yielded fruits. We are grateful.